Manchester Boys & Girls Club Addition | Manchester, NH | LBA

The addition to the Manchester Boys & Girls Club is part of an ongoing relationship with Lavallee Brensinger Architects and the Club. The addition was part of a two-phased project for program expansion. The additional space is intended for younger children and the addition of Kindergarten aged students to their program so siblings could easily stay together in before and after school programs. The project will include new Multipurpose Space, a Play Room, and  Quiet/Study space, along with storage and support spaces. The colors chosen reflected the color palette of the Club with phrases of insipration throughout the space. The interior design reflected motion and playfulness, with color schemes changing between spaces, but staying connected by the Club’s main color.

My role in this project was as the project architect starting during Design Development. I coordinated with all consultants and the client along with developing the interior design to produce the construction documents. I also handled all Bidding RFI’s following issuing drawings. 

This project is expected to start construction in 2020.

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