Resilient Development for Old Harbor| Portsmouth, NH | Competition

This project was submitted to the NH AIA Emerging Professionals Design Competition in 2018 and recieved 2nd Place.

The challenge of this competition was to develop solutions for Portsmouth, NH to become more resilient facing future disasters. The design concept utilized sustainable and resilient design features with concrete and shipping container structures to develop affordable and emergency housing. Four sites selected for potential development were on Bow Street, Maplewood Ave, Deer Street, and Hanover Street. The exteriors were designed to fit into the existing context while interior courtyard space featured exposed shipping containers and green roof systems. Building up on existing sites with parking at street level, residential above, and solar and green roof systems minimized the footprint, heat island effect, slowed stormwater, eliminated greenfield site use, and removed living systems from the flood plain.


Two of the proposed structures would be affordable housing while two would be emergency shelter locations. Tiny house living concepts are utilized. The modular design of the shipping container allows for much of the construction process to occur offsite. Lockable “pods” for emergency shelter solves many issues evacuees often face such as safety concerns, privacy, personal item storage, and the ability to bring pets. Pods can accommodate a family of four are located with centralized restrooms and dining/serving areas. The Maplewood Ave location would provide shelter for 340 people. The affordable housing developments are about 800 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bath. The development includes enclosed courtyard and community garden space. 

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