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Lunchtime Post!

So I'm taking a few minutes from my lunch break to quickly update today! I haven't in a while and feel guilty. Work is going well though it takes some getting used to. It's been a strange transition. I went from finishing work at the Restaurant to full fledged architecture job in less than 2 days. It's a different language, different expectations, different managing skills, just, completely different is all I can say. It's overwhelming, there's a ton to learn and remember. I'm very excited and happy to be here though. I think it's going to be a great fit. The firm is very busy so there's a lot of potential and opportunity over the next year. It's nice to have that job security. On top of the job transition, it seems all of a sudden there's "adult like things" going on in my life. Two good friends are getting married next month, and all the bridal showers and bachelorette parties that go with it have/are going on and my brother is getting married in the fall. It's literally felt like becoming an adult instantly overnight, even though I'm 30 and have been an adult for quite some time.

Secondly, an update on my capstone work. I finally took the time this weekend to flush out a submission to the Red Dot Awards. I'm very excited to participate in a competition and will continue to look for more opportunities to do so. Now that I've been able to digest a bit, I would like to start working on a book, which I think will largely involve tweaking and adding to the paper. I was hoping to use this blog to expand on my concepts a bit more but I haven't quite gotten there yet.

Lastly, my diploma and my bound copy of my thesis arrived this past weekend! It's so neat!

Hope all is well out there in the Universe!

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