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Looking for Travel Stories

So this post is a little different from usual! I have been writing a book on being a distressed traveller and I am looking for personal accounts on nightmare travel stories! Through the contact link on my website, send me your worst nightmare of a "My flight was cancelled and the airline lost my bag and I never even left the airport," or, "my flight diverted to Minneapolis and I'm supposed ot be in Honolulu," kind of story (or worse). Maybe it was another passenger that caused the unpleasant experience. Think hard, we've all had troubles flying (at least I'd like to think it's not just me).

Please include your name, current city, age at which this happened, and a general outcome (did you miss a wedding or important business meeting, lessons learned from the experience, did the airline reimburse you, were you kicked out of the terminal, do you still fly that airline, etc). I am looking for an entire descriptive account, so they can be any length you choose, but may be edited for spacing. If your submission is selected I will be in touch with you regarding further details, so be sure to include a contact email.

Thank you in advance!

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