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Schrodinger's Job

I've come up with a phrase that I feel acurately describes that prolonged feeling of waiting to hear back from a job interview: Shrodinger's Job. Much like the cat, until I actually "open the box" I can both have the job and not.

I realize that is probably a terrbile analgoy and comprehension of the paradox, but waiting to hear back after a job interview is just... agony? Terrifying? I'm not even sure there's a word I can use to describe the shear panic I feel from the second the interview ends until the confirmation of whether or not I've been selected. I get home an agonize over every little thing I said every single time even though there's nothing that can be done. There's nothing to do but focus on moving on to the next application while basking in the glory of a potential job. Am I pessimistic for continuing to apply to jobs despite having just walked out of an interview? Or is it just realistic?

I had 6 job interviews in 2013. Compared to the 6 I had from 2009-2012, that's not too shabby. I am 5 for 6 and waiting to hear on the last. I'm nervous to call and find out the cat is dead, yet at the same time excited at the possibility that it is not.


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